Emma & David, St Ives Harbour Hotel

Emma & David came into our lives via my sister, Samara. Whilst Emma and her daughter rented Samara's studio apartment in St Ives (Lowena Studio), - whist they visited her wedding day vendors - my sister asked whether a photographer had been chosen and thankfully for us the answer was 'no'.

It was the most incredible experience photographing the wedding. Emma's partner David is deaf as were many of the guests and we were simply mesmerised by sign language.

When we broke for a quick bite to eat we sat with the interpreter and learned a great deal about the non-hearing world and in particular the great art that is sign language. Most memorable was her explanation that interpreters speaking amongst each other, quite often revert to sign language when they want to describe something that words alone do not express as well. It really made me stop and think and indeed I could imagine how that was true.

It was a beautiful wedding - all held at St Ives Harbour Hotel. Please see a handful of images from the day here..

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